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April 3, 2023

Widewail Adds ChatGPT/AI to its Auto Dealer Reputation Management Suite of Solutions

The addition of ChatGPT/AI brings efficiency gains and reporting capabilities, suggesting review response content and powering dealer insights.

BURLINGTON, VT April 4, 2023 Widewail, the leading customer review and reputation management solution, is introducing integrated ChatGPT/AI capabilities to support auto dealers that prefer to manage review responses in-house and bring new topic and sentiment analysis reporting to all clients.

Using strategies refined over 5 years and more than 1,000,000 human-authored responses, Widewail is applying its depth of expertise to the ChatGPT language models. Widewail is uniquely positioned to provide the ChatGPT language models with specific and impactful guidance.

AI prompts are crafted from years of people-powered responses to provide the most accurate and strategic response possible. Leveraging the data from client systems of record, such as a Point-of-Sale System or CRM, Widewail can generate responses tailored specifically for each dealer customer. Auto Dealers can optionally provide custom instructions to Widewail to help ensure responses match specific tone or branding preferences. 

“Time-savings are important, but not at the cost of customer experience, which remains our primary objective. Widewail is looking at AI as a partnership between people and technology,” Widewail CEO Matt Murray said. “We’ve created solutions that use Widewail’s wealth of institutional knowledge to guide ChatGPT and our customers toward a great customer experience with less time and effort.”

Widewail’s AI capabilities provide insight into who and what is driving your business’s reputation online with topic and sentiment analysis reporting tools. Keywords, names and topics can be identified in review content using custom machine-learning models. This can be simple things like employee names or products, or more complex topics like threatening legal action or mentioning particular business practices. 

“As the Trust Marketing and Reputation Management provider of choice for dealers and local businesses,” says Murray, “Widewail remains committed to leveraging new technologies, constantly improving its ability to provide operational insights and features which drive efficiency in managing customer reviews and social media interactions.”

For more information about strategic reputation management, visit Widewail.  

About Widewail  

Widewail builds trust between businesses and the communities they serve. Widewail’s suite of solutions powers the modern shopping experience by leveraging automation to drive and directly manage customer and prospect conversations in consumer reviews, video and social media. Its’ Trust Marketing Platform helps businesses capture, distribute and shape their business's narrative through their customers' words with great reviews and video testimonial content. The result - business growth through standout local search rankings, trustworthy content and detailed business insights. For more information visit https://www.widewail.com/ 


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