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Widewail Sub Processors

Widewail defines customer data as all data provided by the customer to Widewail through their use of Widewail products and services. 

The Widewail Subprocessor List identifies subprocessors authorized to subprocess customer or personal data on behalf of Widewail to provide services to our customers. 

Widewail maintains this list to include any new subprocessors for its online services that may involve access to customer data or personal data.

If you have questions about this list, please contact us at

Name of Subprocessor
Description of Processing
Location of Processing
Corporate Location
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Hosted Infrastructure and Data Hosting United States United States
Bandwidth SMS Communications United States United States
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Hosted Infrastructure United States United States
Datadog Logging pipeline for security log, storage, and search United States United States
OpenAI, LLC Generative machine learning functionality United States United States
Campaign Registry SMS campaign registration United States United States