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Real people. No templates.

Here’s the thing. In 2021, you need an online review management strategy.

After Google My Business page elements, reviews are the second most important local search ranking factor. The reason? They provide a constantly-updated stream of information from real-life customers - defining and redefining your reputation daily. 

For business owners, this means reviews are a HUGE SEO opportunity, but only if they are handled correctly. That’s where Widewail comes in.

In 2018 we set out to create local business engagement management products that do three things: ensures your customers are heard, moves your business up local search rankings, and takes next to no time out of your day.

To start, we found flashy review response software won’t do right by your customers. The tone of your responses needs to be spot on 100% of the time. How do we do that? Real people.

Your customers are world-class bot detectors. They can tell when a computer is responding rather than a flesh-and-blood human. Everything we do to add efficiency to our process or improve your SEO rank is measured against this standard. Would your customers call foul?

In a world where software makes headlines and automation is always “Mr. Right,” we believe the best solution is a hybrid. A little of this, a little of that.

We custom built a platform to pull in review data and help our team respond in nearly real-time. Think of it as a nimble, crisp-shifting, V8 sports car. A great tool, but it needs a skilled driver to perform at its peak. 

So who's behind the wheel? Our response team made up of super-talented writers. They have master’s degrees. Two are writing books.  

Not only do our responses read well, but they also optimize the brand-impact of reviews. Our team is trained to skillfully weave important keywords into responses to your positive reviews. Precise use of keywords while maintaining conversational language is where both our experience and expertise are on display.

But, this is key, we don’t add keywords to negative responses. No need to give more visibility to your less-than-satisfied customers or associate branded keywords with negative experiences.

Inevitably, you will get negative reviews. Every business does.

In those instances, we’ve found it is best to have you involved. Put me in, coach! Our responders weren’t there during the customer’s visit, and we need your contextual input to guarantee our response feels natural.

Going back to our core objectives, this is where “take next to none of your time” comes into play.

When a negative review comes in, we craft a suggested response and send it your way via email and text. If you like our response, publish with one click from the Widewail platform. Or, send back notes and we will rewrite our response. The process is quick and easy for you, and 100% necessary to guarantee that the response makes sense for your customers.

Building on our core experience of human-powered response, we now offer new ways for you to get more reviews. Using SMS as an efficient way to reach your customers, we guide them from text to writing a review is 3 quick steps. Taking a time-tested, reliable system and punching the accelerator.

For the most part, that’s it. That’s our perspective. That’s how we work.

To start, we recommend you look at our response managed service, Engage. With Engage you get the response management services we’ve discussed and then some, like robust reporting that can help you identify reputation and performance insights you can’t get elsewhere.

With a quality engagement approach in place, next, we recommend our Invite review generation software. Efficiently power your reputation engine and get more reviews by sending personalized SMS review requests to all of your customers.

Of course, conversations between customers and businesses are not limited to review platforms. These touchpoints are happening all over social media. Building on the same principles that drive Engage, we developed a premium social media engagement management service, which we call Engage Plus. We recommend you give that a look as well.

To sum it up:

Reviews are a critical SEO strategy. Software alone can’t do the job right. Contextual relevance informs our approach to help customers manage and get more Google reviews.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Team Widewail

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