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Reputation Check-in

Prepared for Parsons Interstate Ford

Widewail helps dealership groups generate and manage reviews at scale. Trusted by leading groups like Lithia, Lexus, Genesis, Swickard, Koons & thousands more. Widewail is built for dealerships by auto industry veterans. We’ve prepared custom reputation data for your team to review.

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Mark Rosenberg

Widewail is trusted by top-rated dealers

Let’s take a look at
Parsons Interstate Ford’s reputation.

You vs. Industry Benchmarks

Parsons Interstate Ford
You vs. Industry
Monthly Review Volume
3.83 reviews Underperforming
9 reviews
Average Rating
4 stars Underperforming
4.4 stars
Response Rate
17% Underperforming
Negative Percentage
39% Underperforming

You vs. Widewail Customers Benchmarks

Parsons Interstate Ford
Widewail Customers
You vs. Widewail Customers
Monthly Review Volume
3.83 reviews Underperforming
42 reviews
Average Rating
4 stars Underperforming
4.7 stars
Response Rate
17% Underperforming
Negative Percentage
39% Underperforming

How your reputation ranks vs. competition in Pennsylvania.

Use the Widewail Automotive Reputation Index tool to see your rank.

Step 1: Filter by your State

Optional Step 2: Filter by Brand

Voice of the customer research. What to know.

We studied 4,000,000+ dealership Google reviews and found that focusing on these 10 parts of your business will drastically improve your reputation.

Maximize Positivity

These 5 topics are most influential in positive reviews. Maximize these mentions in positive reviews to take your reputation to the next level.

The percentages shown are the percent of positive reviews each topic appears in.

Sales Department45%

Minimize Negativity

These 5 topics are most influential in negative reviews. Minimize these mentions in negative reviews to take your reputation to the next level.

The percentages shown are the percent of negative reviews each topic appears in.

Service Department44%
Wait Times26%

We put together a more comprehensive brand scorecard for Ford with strengths and weaknesses found in reviews.

You need to monitor topics in customer reviews.

You’re sitting on a goldmine of customer data buried in reviews. Widewail topic reporting can help you read it.


Widewail is a partner to the Automotive industry.

Widewail, with its thoughtful approach to engagement management and unique focus on conversational SEO, is the best choice to provide Lexus guests with personalized, impactful online experiences.

David Telfer

National Manager of Digital Marketing, Lexus

Widewail has helped us move from taking 7 to 10 days to respond to a review to most being responded to that same day. They’ve helped us respond to over 20,000 reviews and have become an amazing partner that we look forward to continuing to work with in the future.

Tina Tasche

CRM and Reputation Specialist, Van Horn Automotive Group

How It Works

This Isn’t Just Monitoring Technology. Take a Proactive Approach to Reputation.

A Google-First Approach

If your reputation strategy isn't improving your Google rankings and driving quality prospects, you don't have a strategy.

  • Rank with reviews
  • Drive quality inbound leads
  • Manage listings at scale
  • Increase conversion with trustworthy content
  • Optimize with AI topic analysis
"We have seen lifts in organic traffic from both the keyword-rich, thoughtful responses their team crafts via “Engage,” and through the increases in review volume with “Invite.” There really is no better option in reputation management or review generation than Widewail."
Jake Barron
former Marketing Director | Koons Automotive Group

Optimize Key Resources

Save internal resources with help from Widewail technology & services. Do more with less hassle.

  • Automate the collection of new reviews & video testimonials
  • Services to respond to reviews and social engagements
  • Integrated with hundreds of technologies
  • Stop missing review opportunities
“Signing up for Widewail was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I’ve been here.”
Topher Liddle
Marketing Director | Sloane Automotive Group

AI Topic Analysis

Reporting that gives a full view of customer experience. Go deeper with valuable business insights.

  • View sentiment at each stage of the customer journey
  • See the most talked about topics
  • Detailed team reporting tools
  • Review data by site, category, rating
"Reputation management is like gardening or going to the gym. It’s constant, daily execution.”
Matt Lasher
Marketing Director | West Herr Auto Group

Trust Marketing Framework

Grow With Trust

Today, trust in your business is built peer-to-peer. Trust leaders harness the customer's voice as a tool for growth. The Trust Marketing Framework can help set your communities apart in 3 phases:

Phase 1

Capture Reviews

Use automated technology to strategically ask for reviews from every customer at the perfect time. Increase the volume and quality of your online reviews. Project an authentic view of the customer experience online.

Phase 2

Distribute Online

Use the voice of your customers to persuade your prospects. Let review sites support your reputation or put reviews and video testimonials right into your marketing materials as social proof.

Phase 3

Manage Engagement

Use AI topic analysis to understand what drives positive and negative sentiment in your dealerships. Respond to all reviews, good and bad. Compare locations or employees to identify areas for improvement.

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