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Local Marketing Insider #042

Discovering New "Reviewable Events"

Read #042
Local Marketing Insider #041 How TikTok is the Newest Local Search Engine Read #041
Local Marketing Insider #040

Peer-to-peer digital connection has changed local marketing. Avoid being left behind.

Read #040
Local Marketing Insider #039

Six video review event examples for property management, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and politics.

Read #039
Local Marketing Insider #038

The psychological principle of costly signals: how costliness carries meaning when attracting new partners/clients/customers, and how there are in fact two types of costly signals: those that differentiate and those that are a competitive necessity.

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Local Marketing Insider #037

Reviews are a fickle bunch. The better you know their bias the better you can use them to help your business.

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Local Marketing Insider #036

Incentivizing reviews works. Studies have shown that when businesses incentivize reviews they will receive more, the language in the reviews will be more positive, and lasting favorable impression of the review writing experience. But the regulators and review sites don't want you to do it. So where do the opportunities lie?

Read #036
Local Marketing Insider #035

How to generate lots of new customer video testimonial content with a video-review event. Our event with Hula generated 39 testimonial vidoes in 2 hours.

Read #035
Local Marketing Insider #034

How to get the reviews you need for your marketing (without paying for them). Where technology and strategy align to make the best use of customer review content.

Read #034
Local Marketing Insider #033

4 technology-driven reputation strategies for multi-location businesses trying to scale review response and review generation efficiently.

Read #033
Local Marketing Insider #032

How we designed a social video strategy that works for our small marketing team - and you can too.

Read #032
Local Marketing Insider #031

How to make your ads 3x more persuasive with UGC. Your customers are fantastic brand advocates. A brand message communicated via past customers is roughly 3x as trusted as the same message communicated via conventional advertising.

Read #031
Local Marketing Insider #030

A behind-the-scenes look at Widewail's new Google reputation tool. Take a deeper look at how we assess your reputation performance.

Read #030
Local Marketing Insider #029

3 steps to build trust in your next great idea: find a better-understood reference point, find the selfish benefit, and find surprising advocates. Use these three building blocks to help your prospects bridge the gap between unknown and known.

Read #029
Local Marketing Insider #028

The most clearly differentiated brands have a wedge. A singular idea that sets the brand apart in the mind of the customer. This week we have 12 examples to get you thinking.

Read #028
Local Marketing Insider #027

Change how you look at your marketing ecosystem to uncover missed opportunities. With a "marketing synergy map," you can visualize all of your cross-channel marketing connections, better understanding how one project impacts the next.

Read #027
Local Marketing Insider #026

How to set up basic Google Business Profile tracking and attribution. It's easy to do and free.

Read #026
Local Marketing Insider #025

Set a weekly review volume target to rank higher in local search, faster. Here's the Widewail approach, broken into bite-sized steps.

Read #025
Local Marketing Insider #024 This week for LMI I'm going to look at three GBP optimization opportunities I've uncovered that the greater local marketing community can learn from. Read #024
Local Marketing Insider #023

Widewail's 6 favorite local marketing tactics from 2021.

Read #023
Local Marketing Insider #022

What is Trust Marketing? Learn how modern businesses are using customer reviews to grow.

Read #022
Local Marketing Insider #021

At Widewail, we believe in the power of the "Brand Mosaic." When we think about the journey of your next customer on the way to purchase, is their experience generally positive as they interact with the brand and past customer sentiment, or is that journey neutral to negative?

Read #021
Local Marketing Insider #020

Why is social proof so persuasive? We explore 3 reasons why it's so impactful.

Read #020
Local Marketing Insider #019

What is distributed trust?

Read #019
Local Marketing Insider #018

What is trust in the digital age? How should we define trust? Is trust different now with technology?

Read #018
Local Marketing Insider #017

How to write unignorable social posts. Capture the attention of your target audience with actionable content. Help your reader solve a problem or gain a competitive advantage. Learn the three-part formula to create actionable content.

Read #017
Local Marketing Insider #016

Widewail's review benchmarks are revisited for the second time in 2021. We explore 1H21 developments in average review volume, ratings and more.

Read #016
Local Marketing Insider #015

Review gating: why you'll regret blocking negative reviews.

Read #015
Local Marketing Insider #014

How to mine reviews for untapped marketing insights. Discover your next great marketing insight from the language used by your customers. Pull phrases and insights from customer feedback sources.

Read #014
Local Marketing Insider #013

The Peak-End Rule: Backed by behavioral science research, it turns out we don't remember experiences as a sum of all moments. We remember the emotional peak and the end. Learn this concept to craft more impactful local business experiences for your customers.

Read #013
Local Marketing Insider #012

14 free web tools local marketers can use to market better in 2021.

Read #012
Local Marketing Insider #011

Use Widewail's new modeling tool to see the impact a review generation strategy could have on your business, built with your specific reputation metrics.

Read #011
Local Marketing Insider #010

10 common prospect questions and how to answer them with Google Business Profile. This is an advanced Google Business Profile lesson.

Read #010
Local Marketing Insider #009

3 ways to boost brand social media reach with employees on LinkedIn.

Read #009
Local Marketing Insider #008

Learn the six data points you should collect to understand your competitor's online reputation and reputation strategy. Use this to determine how to beat competitors in local search.

Read #008
Local Marketing Insider #007

Pinterest keywords capture the collective imagination and are littered with trending ideas. Learn how to use these unique ideas now to set your local marketing apart.

Read #007
Local Marketing Insider #006

Landing pages, combined with social proof, will help your local business drive more conversions. Here are 5 stats to help back that up.

Read #006
Local Marketing Insider #005

How people decide what to buy. We explore the 6 behavioral biases (i.e. the 6 shortcuts shoppers use to make a buying decision easier, and how you can use them in your marketing).

Read #005
Local Marketing Insider #004

50 quick reputation management tips

Read #004
Local Marketing Insider #003

Apple Maps is quietly releasing a native ratings feature. Not yet available in the US, the feature was first introduced fall of 2020 and is currently live in select markets.

Read #003
Local Marketing Insider #002

Think about what you would expect to find if you searched "cheap refrigerator" vs. "best affordable refrigerator". Both approaches will surface inexpensive options, but the latter is more likely to identify good value. 

Local Marketing Insider #002
Local Marketing Insider #001

7 Review benchmarks for 2021

Read #001

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