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Automotive Index Training: Basic Actions


  • In the top toolbar, click “Sort”

  • Select a column title in the dropdown menu and sort in ascending or descending order

  • Add multiple sorts for additional layers of ordering

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Automotive Index Training: Basic Actions


  • In the top toolbar, click “Filter”

  • Focus on certain areas by filtering by categorical fields like "Brand" or "City"

  • Set conditional filters like "all dealers with an average rating greater than 4"

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Get to Know the Reputation Data

This Widewail Automotive Reputation Index dataset consists of:

  • 16,671 new car dealers in the U.S.

  • 1.6M reviews

  • Google reviews only

  • Current Timeframe: February through June of 2023

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What Does This All Mean?

Find definitions of each column header

In the row of column headers, you can hover over the ⓘ symbol next to each label to read the definition of what is being measured in that column and how the data was collected. 

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Where to Find Benchmarks

At the bottom of the table, you'll find aggregated numbers for each column. These are the benchmarks. We've preset the benchmarks in each column for you.

The benchmark data updates as you filter and sort the table, producing thousands of variations, each specific to your market or interests.


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Common Use Cases & More

Below the Reputation Index table, you'll find a Common Use Cases section to get you started. Each common use case includes a how-to video.

The Automotive Reputation Index is ever-evolving. Check back regularly for updated data and new use cases. If your dealership is missing and you’d like to add it to the Index, select “Submit a request to add.”

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January 9, 2024

REV #004: Topic Data, Brake Reviews and Heatmaps

REV #004: Topic Data, Brake Reviews and Heatmaps

Welcome to the REV. A briefing that goes deep into the Widewail Automotive Reputation Index data, surfacing the most interesting insights. Every 3 weeks we Rank, Explore & Visualize automotive reputation & sentiment data. 

All data is sourced from the Widewail Automotive Reputation Index or related Reports. The Index aggregates over 1.6 million Google reviews from 16k new car dealerships in the U.S. Customize the dataset like it's your own personal spreadsheet. Try it out. It’s free.

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Customer Service is (Still) King

Before the holidays, we published the Voice of the Customer report. In it, we studied 800,000 dealership Google reviews and analyzed the 27 topics that come up most frequently in reviews, which you see listed above.

We wanted to know which topics are skewed negatively and which trend positively. To do this, we found the frequency of mentions in positive and negative reviews and calculated the spread.

Here’s what I mean by “spread.” 

Personnel is mentioned in 57% of positive reviews but 17% of negative reviews. That’s a 39% spread, favoring positive reviews. +39% is charted in the visual.

We identified staff-related topics; personnel, helpfulness, professionalism and knowledge account for most positive topics. Customer service is still king.

Take note of how positive the sentiment is related to the sales department. Sales stand out dramatically from service, which resides in no man’s land - in the middle. The topics in the middle are not serious influencers of positivity or negativity, averaging mentions in 1.75% of reviews. They have a negligible impact. The only exception is service, which shows up in approximately 40% of both negative and positive reviews.

On the right is the who’s who of bad actors: communication, maintenance, wait times, price. These topics have a significant role in negative reviews but a limited role in positive reviews.

Go deeper with the 2023 Voice of the Customer Report.


High Alert

Nobody will praise me for reporting that an $800 brake service generates more price mentions than a $50 oil change, but hear me out. 

What I can tell you is that the moment a customer shows up on the lot for a brake repair, your team is immediately 47% more likely to receive a 1-star review that mentions the price of the service compared to all negative reviews that mention price.

Not all service appointments should be treated equally.

Pricing is mentioned 20% more often in reviews that mention brakes compared to oil change reviews. 

This isn’t surprising considering new brakes cost an estimated 16x more than an oil change. But your team needs to be ready and work to make the customer experience highly positive to mitigate the risk of a 1-star review that mentions pricing. The same goes for transmission work, in which pricing mentions come up 45% more often. Your team must be on its A-game with strong communication and effective repair work.

We cover a whole chapter on how consumers think about price, starting on page 27.



Monthly Review Volume Heatmap

REV 4 Visualize

Above, we mapped review volume leaders for each state. View this as the gold standard in your region. In California, Longo Toyota stands out at 466 Google reviews/month. In Maine? Rowe Ford Westbrook dominates with 61 monthly reviews. 

While high volume makes sense in California and Florida, North Carolina stands out. Hendrick Toyota Apex leads the way at 370 reviews/month on average.

Curious about benchmarks in your state? Go to the Index.


I know it's early, but we'll be at NADA. I'll be there, come say hi. Look for the Widewail hanging banner in the North Hall.

Also, Widewail CEO Matt Murray and I were on DealerRefresh Refresh Friday to discuss what we learned is most influential for car buyers based on 800,000 reviews. Watch it here.

More REV in 3 weeks - Jake, Marketing @Widewail

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