2024 Voice of the Resident Report

We've collected, organized, and interpreted resident experience data with a new, data-driven approach.

→ Do amenities attract residents?

→ Where are the hidden renewal risks?

→ How influential is "community?"

Check trends in resident preferences to guide your next move and use reputation benchmarks to accurately frame your community's success.

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What’s in the Report


The Dataset

The dataset for this report comes from the Widewail Multifamily Reputation Index, using review data from April 2023 to April 2024. It comprises over 400,000 Google reviews collected from 150 large multifamily management groups and over 20,000 individual communities.


Resident Experience Benchmarks

The report looks at 49 often-mentioned resident experience topics: maintenance, onsite teams, parking, amenities, etc. For each topic, the study benchmarks how often it is mentioned in positive and negative reviews, on average.


Average Star Ratings Per Lifecycle

Is a tour rated differently on average than renewal? What about move-in vs. maintenance? Benchmark what is normal to help assess your portfolio's performance.


Topic Data Per Lifecycle Stage

Detailed reporting on how often each aspect of resident experience is mentioned in tour, move-in, maintenance and renewal.


Reputation Rankings: Top 50 Managers

Using Widewail's reputation healthscore, see which groups have the best combination of performance for review volume, rating and response rate.


Insights: Leasing Season and Sunbelt States

The report analyzes the performance of 20,000 communities during leasing season and in the sunbelt states to highlight review performance and topic differences.

Resident Experience Benchmarks

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Lifecycle Stage Insights

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Scheduling Appointments During TOUR – 2

Bonus Research on Sunbelt States and Leasing Season

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Sunbelt States

Pick Which Data is Most Useful to You

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Negative Topic Mentions During the MOVE-IN Stage

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