How to Leave a Great Review

By Andrea Olson - Review Response Specialist

As someone who reads a lot of reviews, I’ve learned that everyone has an opinion. By giving these opinions some structure and a bit of polish, they can turn into a great review. So what is the best way to craft a review that is helpful to the business and provides an accurate preview to the next reader? Here are some tips from the Widewail team to help get you started.

Be Specific

Potential customers already know the star-rating of the company they are researching. They’ve decided to read your review for the insider information, the nitty-gritty details which will help them decide whether they want to patronize that business. Plus, owners rely on this feedback to improve (or pat themselves on the back.) So don’t be vague - What dessert did you try that knocked your socks off? Were you wowed by their customer service? Is parking a little difficult to find or navigate? Or is there no parking at all, perhaps making the store inaccessible for certain people? Describe the highs and lows of your visit so that others will know what to expect.

Include Their Name

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Personalized customer service can make or break a sales experience, so be sure to mention the actual people who made your experience a success. Give a shout-out to those who helped you at your local grocery store, the waitress who served you lunch, or the mechanic who completed extensive repairs on your vehicle. Your thank you may lead to them being recognized by their employer, gaining additional sales leads, or it could simply make their day. For potential customers, learning more about a business’s staff members serves as reassurance that they will be well taken care of. It might be enough to get them into the store.

Add Images to Your Review

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Shoppers today are very proactive and research-driven. They want to see proof that a product or service is working in the real world, not just in a commercial or during an in-store demonstration. Including photos in your review demonstrates to readers the true value of their potential purchase and verifies that a business can be trusted. A picture of the amazing view from your hotel room will confirm that the photos on a company’s website are accurate. Screenshots of your conversations with a salesperson over email or text show the type of customer service guests can look forward to. Visuals are a great addition to assisting future customers and giving credibility to a business.

Share, Share, Share

In her article “Being Human is Good Business,” Kristin Smaby said: “When customers share their story, they’re not just sharing pain points. They’re actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better.” Even if you’re hesitant to share your opinions online, doing so may lead to your friends, community, and complete strangers discovering their next favorite restaurant, candle shop, or florist. They also provide much-needed feedback to businesses (especially local businesses) and help them deliver the best experience possible to their future guests. After all, reviews are the language of modern customer service. Don’t worry about poking the bear or be scared of opening Pandora’s infamous box. Get in there and contribute your voice with confidence. Everyone will thank you!

Andrea OlsonWidewail